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Denali Winter Tours

Experience Our Denali Highway Snow Coach Tour:


Denali Snow Coach Tours specializes in showing you the Wildlife, Aurora and lifestyle along the Denali Hwy where your nearest neighbor is 35 or 40 miles away and the road isn’t plowed in winter.


The Denali Hwy is rated the 2nd most scenic drive in the US.

It is 135 miles long running from Paxton to Cantwell - the home of Denali Snow Coach Tours just south of the Alaska Range.

It’s also home to 70,000 caribou, hundreds of Moose and many of the predators that depend on them. Wolves, Fox, Weasels, Wolverines, can all be seen along the Highway.

This is all put together with the use of our specially equipped 15passenger Ford 4x4

15 passenger Ford 4x4

Through the use of this van, you can travel in comfort to our Wilderness lodge where you have all the amenities of home and the choice to view Denali Highway in the winter from a heated van or take a snow machine or dog sledge ride - all included!


From Anchorage or Fairbank including all meals, rooms in main lodge with private baths and day actives.

3day 2 night @ $692

4day 3 night @ $851

Extra days @ $260

Transportation - You can take the Alaska RR one way from Anchorage to Cantwell on Saturday or from Fairbanks to Cantwell on Sunday.


Just a little of what you should expect to see:

Herds of Caribou


The Aurora



Snow Machining

snow machining


sunset in Denali Park

Snow Machine and Moose!

snnow machine and moose




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We offer one of the finest Denali Park Tours thanks to the dedication of our staff. We stand apart from other Park Tours in Denali for that reason.