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Alaskans Showing Alaska!

We believe your Denali National Park tour should include an opportunity to learn about life in the remote "Far North" wilderness from the people that call this beautiful wilderness "home", winter and summer.

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This is a rare chance to tour the Alaskan "bush" and experience its people who will share their wilderness lifestyles (prospecting, trapping, artistry, hunting, and living off this land of extremes).

It's a travel adventure and a wildlife search. We can't guarantee wildlife viewing but we can guarantee our tours on the river is your best opportunity to catch them in the open wilderness. Our tours stop for lots of photos when we find wildlife.

We can also guarantee many breathtaking views of Mother Nature's handy work as our tours take you along 60 miles of wilderness waterway, to and from our camp on the south side of Denali Park.


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We offer one of the finest Denali Park Tours thanks to the dedication of our staff. We stand apart from other Park Tours in Denali for that reason.